Call for papers: QROM Special Issue on Identity Intersectionality

Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management
Special Issue on Identity Intersectionality – Changing the Conversation


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Invitation to Authors to Join the Conversation:

In this SI, we are looking for a range of papers that address and problematize the presentation and use of identity categories within named and unnamed-intersectionality scholarship. These submissions should embrace a broadly critical stance, and can discuss either subjective and/or context-specific areas. We are looking specifically for empirical papers that explore non-traditional methodological ways of conducting intersectionality-based research, while meeting our goal of problematizing the use of identity categories.
We invite papers that explore, but are not limited to, the following questions:

• How can we eliminate narrative boundaries imposed via identity categories? What narrative vehicles are available to us, as empirical researchers?

• How can cultural identities be brought to the forefront without perpetuating division?

• Does this identity categorization practice allow protagonists an avenue to reveal their own cultural characterizations and their own acts of becoming?

• What other constructions/processes/methodological approaches allow intersectionality to move beyond boundary conditions of identity categories?

• Can we escape the discursiveness of the categorization of identities and the accompanying sociopolitical and economic marginalization(s)? If so, through what processes?

• Stories of doubt and regret when attempting to apply intersectionality scholarship within an empirical study, and being restricted by discourses of categorization.

• Stories of research success that moved beyond the boundary condition of identity categories.

• How can we rewrite historical identity categorizations?

• What does mestizaje, hybridity, and ambiguity look like within intersectional research?

• And what of ‘immigrant’ or ‘expat’ identity categories? Can they be recast into a new narrative?

The submission should be no more than 10,000 words. This word limit includes tables and figures, and excludes the title page and references. All submissions should conform to the submission guidelines for Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management:

Anticipated Schedule:
The deadline for submission is March 30, 2018. Papers invited to be revised and resubmitted will require that authors work within a tight timeframe for revisions. For further information, please contact the primary guest editor of this SI, Stefanie Ruel at: