Hugh Willmott

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Hugh Willmott is  Research Professor in Organisation Studies at Cardiff Business School.

Hugh says “There is so much more to management and organization than the application of specialist techniques. In my teaching, I seek to develop an understanding of how management – its theory as well as its practice – is culturally and politically defined and enacted (see Mats Alvesson and Hugh Willmott, Making Sense of Management : A Critical Introduction, Sage, 1996; 2nd ed, 2012). Even the development and application of techniques is necessarily mediated by complex and ambiguous social processes involving diverse, competing and conflicting understandings about individuals, organizations and social relations.  The philosophy underpinning my approach is set out in David Knights and Hugh Willmott, Management Lives, Sage, 1999. A considerable amount of my writing and administrative activity has been devoted, especially in recent years, to the development of  teaching and learning as well as articles and conference papers on management learning, management education and situated learning). A major, first year Organizational Behaviour textbook, titled Introducing Organization Behaviour and Management edited with David Knights was published by Thomson International Publishing in 2006 and a 2nd edition appeared in 2010 together with an edited book of Essential Readings which was An advanced textbook, titled Organization Theory and Design. co-edited with Richard Daft and Jonathan Murphy was published in 2010 and a 2nd edition is to appear in 2014.”