ICMS 2021 host announced

The board of International Critical Management Studies (ICMS) are pleased to announce that the 2021 conference will be hosted at BML Munjal University, Delhi, December 2021, final date to be announced.

Conference title: Diversalising and Intern(ation)alising CMS: Places, Spaces, Bodies and Praxistical Theories

 With this conference call we invite researchers to conversations that diversalise, internalise and internationalise CMSs in spaces which acknowledge and emerge from our places and bodies thereby enabling us to transcend the limits of our theories into being in and with, diverse worlds and world-views co-existing, colliding, coalescing and rejoicing in the mutual human-ness. We hope to forge the way for a new post-Covid praxistical academia that transcends the theory-praxis dilemma.

For further information please contact Payal Kumar at: payal.kumar@bmu.in

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