Elgar Encyclopedia – CALL FOR ENTRIES

Elgar Encyclopedia of Gender and Management

Jean Helms Mills (Emerita Professor of Management) Saint Mary’s University – Canada
Albert J. Mills (Emeritus Professor of Management) Saint Mary’s University – Canada
Kristin S. Williams (Business Historian in Residence) Dalhousie University – Canada
Regine Bendl, Associate Professor for Gender and Diversity in Organizations, WU
Vienna – Austria

Project Description:
The Elgar Encyclopedia of Gender and Management sets out to provide a comprehensive
set of entries and references that aid researchers in their search for making sense of the
relationship between gender and management. In our quest to establish a comprehensive
understanding of the field of gender and management we are open to a range of
theoretical perspectives, that include but is not limited to liberal, postmodernist, historical
materialist, interpretivist, or postcolonialist feminist accounts. We are also open to
discussion that focusses on particular topics (e.g., sexual harassment); key theories and
theorists (e.g., feminist existentialism/Simone de Beauvoir), and different forms of
sexuality (e.g., transgendered identities). We are particularly interested in contributions
that move us beyond purly western perspectives, authors, and topics.

We envisage the work as a single-volume Encyclopedia of around 200,000 words. The
work will comprise new and specially commissioned entries with authors contributing
one or more than one entry. The entries should provide a concise summary of the most
relevant accumulated knowledge on the subject. There will of course be variation in
length of entry depending on the importance of the topic. As a rough guide the more
complex entries (e.g., the detailing of the role of a key researcher’s contribution to the
field) should be 2,000-3,000 words, and the less complex entries (e.g., the definition of a
key concept) as little as 1,000 words. Entries are organized alphabetically and include
entries on individuals, theories, concepts as well as specific topics. Regardless of length,
each contribution should consist of five sections: 1) An outline of the topic; 2), a
conceptual overview and discussion; 3) Application; 4) a critical summary; and 5) further
readings (see attached)

Interested contributors should send us a 200 (maximum) word outline telling us what you
plan to submit (i.e., topic) and why it is important to include in the Encyclopedia.
Proposed entries and further inquiries should be sent to: submit.encyclopedia@gmail.com

Key dates for the project:
May 1, 2022 – Abstract submitted to the editors
Sept., 30, 2022 – Final entry due to be submitted.

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